How many Stinkin’ Rich slot machines are installed in casino near your location?

Hollywood Casino, WV (Charlestown Race and Slots)

Original Stinkin Rich slot machine: 9

New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 2

Dover Downs, DE

Original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine: 21

New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 2

Harrington Race and Slots

Original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine: 2

New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 6

Delaware Park

Original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine:

New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 14

- Reported from Nanook

Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA has 6 old stinkin rich machines.
Mountaineer Casino in Chester, WV has 10 old stinkin rich machines.
Wheeling Island in Wheeling, WV has 6 old stinkin rich machines.
Motor City in Detroit MI has about 15 old stinkin rich machines.
The Rivers in Pittsburgh, PA has NO old stinkin rich machines.
Meadows in Washington, PA has 1 old stinkin rich machine.

- Reported by Tammy

Boot Hill Casino, Kansas

3 Stinkin’ Rich Machines

- Reported by Matt

The Sands Casino in Bethlehem PA has 9 old SR and 5 new ones that I can say for sure.  There may be more but I know for sure that they have at least this many

- Reportey by Kallen13

Harrah’s Joliet has 7 Stinkin Rich and 2 Bombay — All old style
Hollywood Casino (Joliet) has 5 Stinkin Rich and 1 Bombay — All new style

I’ll be checking Horseshoe Chicago and Hollywood Aurora soon and will let you know.

- Reported by Shocker

When you come to Las Vegas, get off the Strip and become a local. You never have to wait for a Stinkin’ Rich slot machine, and they are never empty! Rio has 3 old, The M 6 , Orleans has 10 old,  Southpoint has 5 old which are useless and tight, Green Valley Ranch 11 old and 3 new, Bolder Station has 17 old and 3 new, Palace Station has 8 old and 2 new, Rampart has 7 old and 2 new, Suncoast has 1 old which is useless, Red Rock has 2 old and 18 new, Aliente has 9 new, Santa Fe has 15 old, Texas Station has 15 old, and Fiesta has 11 old. All these Stinkin’ Rich machines are being played by $1-$5 bettors who just let them spin!!!!!!!

- Reported by Henry

Hard Rock Hollywood, FL – 5 – old 1 Cent and 10 old 2 cent
15 New

Seminole Casino, Hollywood, FL
5 New
6 Old 1 cent

Mardi Gras Casino – Hallendale, Fl
2 Old & 10 New

Gulf Stream – Hallendale, FL
15 New

- Reported by Tjonc


Feedback from New SRP Member

I love the slot machine, Stinkin Rich.  I have had numerous nice hits on the machine and tend to gravitate towards this machine everytime I am at a casino.

When I saw this website, I was excited and at the same time skeptical.  I reasearched it and found negative comments on the Slot Machine Forum-people calling “the secret” a scam.  I debated with myself and finally decided, “What the Heck”- some nights I lose this much if not more at the casino.  If “the secret” can help me, it will all be worth it.  If not, just another lose.  I took the dive and made the investment.

I spent some time studying then decided to head to the casino to give “the secret” a try.  Had $105 free play from the casino.  Was able to play for 5.5 hours and left the casino with $220. (Got up to $400 at one time.)  I will donate 10% and still paid for “The Secret”  WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!  The strategies worked as described,, although we still have to practice some more.

Overall, extremely happy that I made the investment with Stinkin Rich Project.  Customer service is also awesome!!  I emailed them about 3 different times and Nanook was very prompt and helpful in his responses.

If you are reading this and are debating whether or not to make the purchase, just do it!  You will not regret your decision.

Good Luck with those “One Armed Bandits”!



New Feedback from SRP Member

Bombay Bang…not to mention a $1040 dollar jackpot on the 5 cent Bombay machine…I got diagonal princesses and 25 spins…hit stacked wilds
on the 3rd spin. It would appear my luck is improving on the 5 cent machines…So, I decided to try my luck on the 2 cent machines…and had similar success, but with smaller jackpots…$340 + $334. Not to be outdone on the 1 cent machines…I hit for a $356 dollar Jackpot with an unlined bonus of only 5 spins…

So yes Bombay Slot Players…you can win nice jackpots even on the 1 cent machines using the techniques from the Bombay Project 1.0. I was even down to my last $2.00 dollars and played 15 lines and hit for a $96 dollar jackpot with a re-trigger of 20 spins…my only regret is that I didn’t increase the multiplier.

I also hit for diagonal princesses with 15 lines played and a 10 times multiplier, I was so excited that I jumped out of my chair and raised my fist in the air, which caught the eyes of the casino attendants walking by…thus the reason for no pictures, nevertheless, I hit for a Handpay $500 dollar Jackpot with 10 bonus spins. I will let my pictures do my talking for me now…Enjoy.

So thanks again Nanook for all the helpful advice…I hope more Bombay Slot Players will share their good fortunes with the Bombay Project 1.0 Forum…so that
we can all learn from eachother and walk away from the casinos with a little more money in our pockets!!! Good Luck Everybody and Share the Knowledge…We All
Win in the End.


New Feedback from SRP Member

I had a HAPPY birthday!  See how I made out at Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI!  I was playing a 2 cent machine and not only did I get the stacked wilds one time, but I got the stacked wilds TWO times in the SAME bonus! 


Another Feedback from SRP member

My third visit using the SRP, I finally got the stacked wilds during a bonus.You’ll see the results in the two pictures.  WOO HOO!


Feedback from SRP Member

With SRP reset technique and betting 15 lines @ 5 times, I got a diagonal KTR and 5 free spins. The first four spins paid $145.00, but the fifth spin I got the Rich Old Lady in the first column and stacked wilds in the next three columns. It paid me $1400.00. I got a hand pay of $1545.00. On 12/03/10 I repeated the same as above on the same machine and got 5 free spins and a retrigger of 25 spins. I got one big hit with the Rich Old Man and stacked wilds. It paid $746.00 and I hit a few other credits during the 30 free spins. It totaled $1268.00. I don’t know for sure if the strategy works on the newer machines or not. I am hoping to to a casino with the older machines to try this out. I am ready for the Bombay Project v.1.0.



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Feedback from SRP member: Bombay Project

I purchased 2.0 and was very surprised by your findings. I actually have had better success on Bombay than SR. This is why I am very interested. I look forward to the new findings. I attached some photos. They are small wins but big in reference to the bet.


Feedback from SRP Member – Big Win!

I played 25 cents X 25 lines and on my 3rd. double click spin I hit the Fat lady and wilds. The next thing that showed up on the screen was a Jackpot of $5512.00

Feedback from SRP member

I’m still trying to grasp the stinking rich projects.. Several of the machines at the casino I visit have messed up touch screens but a couple, it seems the reset works very well.  I’ve made a couple hundred or so with the reset techniques and what not..


SRP Trip Report

SRP Team visited Hollywood casino in Perryville, MD, but there is no Stinkin’ Rich available, so we drove to Deleware Park. We’ve got two stacks of wilds while verifying new techniques.  However, we didn’t get full credit for the wilds because our line bet was too low. Please look at two different picture of stacks of [...]

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SRP Team announced that new strategy KTR after KTR is ready for SRP v.3.0 XO owners. This secret generates more free spin bonus right after KTR bonus spin completes. SRP v.3.0 XO is required to practice this techniques.

SRP Trip Report

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Winner’s Story – SRP feedback

About 2 months ago on a Tuesday evening I walked into Mohegan Sun Casino. I always play Stinkin Rich so sometimes I have to wait to get a machine, this night was no different. It took about an hour before I got a machine, there was this guy and his wife playing one dollar bets [...]

Stinkin’ Rich Winning story

Again, SRP member made $625,00 by betting only 15 cents! It is not a coincidence. Again, one of our SRP member made $625,00 when he bet only 15 cents on Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot machine at Charlestown race and slots, WV. He got 5 free spins bonus, and at 4th spin, he stops wilds symbols, Latest information and updates about winning secrets for slot machine games, how to win at slot machines, casino secret, slot machine strategy, slot machine jackpot and slot machine news[...]

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