It is strongly suggested that you only try this technique if you are familiar with the game play of the Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. If you have never tried it before, play at least 10 hours before adopting this strategy.

“Winning” at a casino means you get more than it costs you. A lot of people still believe that winning is a matter of luck. But the luckiest person in the world will lose in the long term if they just play without a technique.

Before I get into the technique itself, I would express my opinion about video slot machines. Unlike traditional slot machines, video slot machines offer more details and a complicated story behind each game. Playing video slot machine can be a lot of fun, full of excitement, and people can quickly become addicted to playing them. The biggest attraction of a video slots game is the free bonus spin with multiple returns on your bet. I think a video slot player generally plays for that the free spin bonus. And people spend money just to get that bonus. Some people invest more than $100 to get a single free spin bonus; it is everything for them. Video slot machines pay out on normal play, however the payouts on normal play are not as attractive as pay out of bonus spin, and people keep playing for that bonus spin. The free bonus spin creates an illusion of a jackpot, even though the return may be low, the player gets the additional satisfaction of having gotten that elusive spin.






So how do you win at a video slot machine? The answer is very simple: Find out the timing of the free bonus spin. After three years on the Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine, I figured out how to create Keys to Riches Bonus instantly, and I decided to share the secret with Stinkin' Rich Fans like you.

Video slot machine players have at least one time experience of unexpected high return bonus of the Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine. If you are one of them, I assume you probably are a fan of the Stinkin’ Rich game. This game could be addicted, but if you control yourself, there is possibility to earn few hundred dollars per day.

All players of video slot machine desire to get free spin bonus when they play maximum bet, so they could get maximum return from the bonus; however all video slot machines are programmed to give free spin bonus randomly, and people think it is impossible to predict when to come out the free spin bonus. For two and half years, I was one of them, and I played video slot machine without any technique or strategy. Like all other addicted gamblers, I faced on serious financial problem, and my situation was exactly same as a person who has serious gambling problem.

In February 2009, without any interruption, I played a Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine for 10 hours in a local Casino. Fortunately, I realized that free spin bonus comes out with my combination techniques within specific period, which my technique created as 4th dimensional world of the Stinkin’ Rich. At that moment, I felt like I had won a lottery, and I felt like I could win lottery every time I play.However, I realized that there is no free food without labors. SRP team and I invested more than $50,000 to verify this system in US major casinos inclduing Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and local casinos. After we verified this sytem, we launched, and currently hundreds of SRP members are enjoying Stinkin' Rich and Bombay slot machine with our system.

We have searched other strategies to compare with my technique recently, but there are no video slot machine strategies available on Internet so far. If you are serious about the stinkin rich and bombay slot machine, feel free to surf arround how SRP members enjoy our system.

Stinkin' Rich and Bombay Video Slot Machine is not an online casino game. They are available in US and Canada land-based casinos.

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