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I am excited about your web site and ways to beat the Stinkin’ Rich Machine. Unfortuantely, I do not have paypal or a credit card, that is a choice I made. Do you take checks through the mail, if you do then what is the address to send my check to? Also what would be the total cost with shipping and handling?





Sorry, we do not accept personal check or money order this moment. We only accept credit card and paypal payment process from







Can't find my password. I have version 1.1 just want to get new one?




Send us your download password request (please use paypal email address you used for purchasing the Stinkin’Rich Project). We will send you your lost password as soon as possible.



I just purchase SRP Where do I register membership forum?




As a SRP owner, you can access SRP Owner’s forum to get all updated information and share Stinkin’ Rich moment with t other SRP Owners at:

Admin will send you approval email after admin assigns your account on each forum.

How this strategy woks?







The Stinkin' Rich Project is a strategy and its extension. It is more close to a method about how to create Keys to Riches Bonus. When you get more free spin bonus, you have more chance to win at stinkin' rich slot machine. All individual result vary by player's betting control. After you learn Stinkin' Rich Project, you can control your bet before free spin bonus comes out, so you increase bet and multiplier and play simple techniques to create Keys to Riches bonus instantly . It is real working strategy, our team uses every week. We haven't receive any complains from previous purchasers except amount they paid. Some buyers paid $275 for the SRP v.1.1.



Can I always win if I use this strategy?





It is hard to say that you will be rich with this strategy. However, this technique creates free spin bonus, more on screen points, and timing, so you can control your line bet and multiplier before bonus comes out. It means you get more free spin bonus, thus you get more possibility to make money or get jackpot. All individual result are vary by their personal decision of betting control.



How well your system works?





















We understand your concern about wasting money for nothing. Since we have launched, we have one complaint about changing price without notice because few SRP members are paid $275 on Sept. 2009. We have never received any complaints about the system from SRP owners, and SRP members are downloading when new version is available. You are buying a SRP membership for one year including unlimited download of updated version, SRP owner's forum, and direct support from SRP team.

The ebook you download after purchasing from is only text book you must read before the class begins, and SRP team keep adding new secrets of Stinkin' Rich to new version. So far, we have published SRP v.1.0, SRP v.1.1, and SRP v.2.0. Next version will be available on August 2010 on first anniversary of We always try not to exaggerate our system, and we have same goal like all SRP fans have. It is to beat the stinkin' rich completely.

Our system creates keys to riches bonus more frequently, and it helps you win at Stinkin' Rich slot machine. We think SRP member see the difference of using SRP v.2.0. When we launched the site in the beginning, people didn't trust the system, and they always ask us same questions.

1. If the system work, why do you sell? I'd keep it for my self.

2. If the system work, why do you work?

The answers are:

1. We decided to sell this secret because we think the value of the secret is more than thousand dollars for slot players who know Stinkin' Rich Video Slot machine. It is a product that could be sold without any expenses. We decided to sell this secret because making profit by selling this secret is much profitable than making $200 to $300 per day with SRP v.2.0.

2. We played stinkin' rich for almost 3 years everyday, we've learned that life must balanced equally. SRP team has full time job, and we only play stinkin' rich on weekend or off days. To be rich is not our final goal of our life. We just want to live happily to share our secret with people who trust us. We do not recommend you to become SRP member if you are expecting something big win from the stinkin' rich slot machine with SRP. SRP gives you more control of your betting before keys to riches bonus comes out. All winning are depends on each player's betting control.



What is Stinkin' Rich Project?





It is little bit hard to explain SRP to people who have never played Stinkin' Rich Video Slot Machine before. Stinkin' Rich video slot machine is a popular video slot machine in US casinos. This game is only available at land based casino. Our site is selling the secret of how to create free spin bonus (keys to rich bonus) on Stinkin' Rich including one year SRP membership to provide support and updated version download.


Can I download Stinkin' Rich Game from your site?


We are not selling stinkin' rich video game. We are selling strategy about creating keys to riches bonus instantly.


Does it work on Slots in the casino or just internet Games that you use a keyboard & mouse with ?



Stinkin' Rich video slot machine is not available on Internet. You can play only land-based casino.



If I buy it will it be downloaded as a CD - DVD - or TEXT ?



SRP is PDF files contains text and illustration. (about 30pages)


What is the SRP v 2.0?



It is Stinkin' Rich Project version 2.0. It is the secret of how to create Keys to Riches free spin bonus instantly.


Will there be anymore automatic charges without my permission? or is it safe to give the credit card info online.




No, there are no automatic charges. You SRP membership will be automatically expired after 365 days you purchase SRP v.2.0. We don’t even send any expiration notice to members. Again, we don’t deal with any payment process. All payment process is completed and recorded on Paypal side. That’s why we pay to PayPal $5.67 every transaction. Check out



How is this going to be charged on the credit card? Is it the name of the company?




All payment process is done by Paypal and Paypal credit card process. Please check to check out how safe it is. We don’t collect any personal information. The information we receive is your PayPal address and your name, sometime your phone number if you have Paypal account set up. All Paypal payment will be deposit into an individual account, not a company account.


Is this a lifetime membership or just a one time access to the PDF file.




It is one year membership, and your SRP membership will be expired after 365 days you purchase SRP v.2.0. You can download SRP versions up to 10 times. And you are allowed to download three different PC locations. To prevent illegal distribution, we track all IP address where you download SRP v.3.0. When we find out more than 3 different IP addresses on your account, your SRP membership will be automatically terminated.


If I go ahead and pay for SRP v.2.o and the newer one is coming Aug 15, will I get access to the changes.




When you download SRP v.2.0, you become SRP member for one year. All SRP members can download any updated version of SRP for one year. SRP v.2.0 members are automatically qualified to download new SRP v.3.0 when it is available.



How do we differentiate the old vs. new SRP machines? Are they available at all Casinos?






There are two different SR machines in US casino. New SR Machine: This version has firework feature when player win big credit. Original SR Machine: original SR machine has blue background at the bottom part where credit information is displayed. There are not many new SRP machines are installed in US casino including Las Vegas and Atlantic City, so we couldn’t test SRP versions on new SR machines. New version of Stinkin’ Rich will not be installed in local casino because of poor graphic quality and slow speed of spin. New version came out few years ago, and it remains less than 5% of US total Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine. There are hundred new interactive video slot machines are lined up, and there is no reason that casino install incomplete video slot machine. The possibility of total replacement with new Stinkin’ Rich video slot is zero. It means that you don’t have to be worry about that.


Is there any code that you can send me to try on the game so I can see that this is not a scam before I buy it?




There is no cheating code or illegal tools required to practice SRP v.2.0. All you need your eyes and fingers.




The machines that I play 15 lines on, only give you 5 bonus spins When you hit the KEYS. Could you tell me what do I have to look forward to if I buy your product.




SRP v.2.0 is keys to riches re-trigger. It means this secret tells you how to create the free spin bonus. Betting 15 lines, of course, gives you 5 to 10 free spins, but it is safe way to play Stinkin' Rich for long time with small bankroll. This is one of tips we recommend to SRP members who already know the secret. If you played Stinkin' Rich before, you know how hard to get Keys to riches bonus. If you bet 100 lines every bet, you probably lost $100 within 15 to 20 minutes when you are not lucky. SRP v.2.0 teaches you how to create the Keys to Riches bonus timing, so you can control your bet before Free spin comes out. Extreme SR player, for example, bet only 1 cent until the time free spins come out, then increase 75 line with 2 or three multipliers.

































A value is required.



























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